Front Porches at the BOOST Conference

The BOOST Conference believes in “intentional collisions” and creates a space for this throughout the entirety of the BOOST Experience. We create opportunities and space to generate new ideas, meet new people, network, create, innovate, share, learn, think, and collaborate.

Why a Front Porch?

Front Porches are welcoming, purposeful places designed by anyone that is attending the BOOST Conference.  These areas are meant for intentional collisions- a place for BOOSTers to naturally and organically “collide” with other like-minded folks. 

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What is it?

A Front Porch can be anything you want it to be!

-Pop-Up Shops
-Charging Stations
-A place to sit, relax, and meet other BOOSTers
-Maker Stations
-An interviewing station to recruit new hires 

Where is it?

Front Porches are 10x10 areas located in the hallway outside of the exhibit hall and general session room. Front porch sponsors will need to provide their own tables, furniture, signage, etc. 

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2017 Front Porch Schedule

Wednesday, April 19

BOOST Collaborative- Charging Station 

JDS California Homes LLC- Charging Station

Dirt Pixie Studios – Pop Up Shop

Of Many: Creative Life Action Network- Pop Up Shop 

Child Development Inc.- Staff Recruiting Station

Destination Palm Springs 

Thursday, April 20

BOOST Collaborative- Charging Station 

JDS California Homes LLC- Charging Station

Child Development Inc.- Staff Recruiting Station

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