Innovation Alley 

BOOST Innovation Alley- the on-site event to showcase and celebrate youth innovation in the areas entrepreneurial adventures and creative design & technology. Come explore unique products that are being developed by student-run entrepreneurs and innovators.  Come take a stroll through Innovation Alley and support student success and meet the creators of ingenuity.

Entrepreneurial Adventures Day- Wednesday, April 19

pilogoChild Development Centers- Pi Project

See Child Development Center’s Pi project, designed to build students’ 21st-century learning skills through imaginative and meaningful uses of technology. Students work collaboratively to create game design companies, film groups, and more giving them opportunities for critical thinking and reflection that showcase their budding business skills, tech skills, and creativity.


Introduction to Ichthyology  

Introduction to Ichthyology is an after school class that explores a student’s interest in the science of fish keeping. This includes the study of species identification, habitat, husbandry, comparative anatomy, physiology, and biology. Our after school Ichthyology class is an extension and honors portion of our core day biology class.
Ichthyology provides an opportunity to have hands-on practical experience with setting-up and maintaining salt and freshwater aquariums using both the scientific method and engineering design principles. Students collaborate with real scientists and industry leaders in the non-profit and for-profit sectors.
Our students will also receive a certificate of training in Ichthyology and Practical Fish Keeping. This certificate will signify that the student is job-ready to work at any business that deals with Tropical Fish, including Petco, Petsmart, other retailers, breeders, and wholesalers.

Creative Design & Technology Day, Thursday April 20


Are the youth in your program creating amazing things?  Have you mastered integrating technology throughout your day?  Are they skilled with a skill saw, soldering iron, or circuit board?  Come share their talents and inventions during our Creative Design and Technology day at Innovation Alley.


Elizabeth Phillips PhotoPlease contact ElizaBeth Phillips for more information and how you can get involved in Innovation Alley

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