2018 Master Classes

Mark Lovett, Organizer, TEDxSanDiego, San Diego, CA
Storytelling for Impact

mark lovett





Mark Gonzales, Futurist, Author, Poet, Senior Technologist, The Department of the Future, Los Angeles, CA

Mark Gonzales

2017 Master Classes

Brenda CampbellJones, Ph.D, President, CampbellJones & Associates, Elliott City, MD
Co-Creating a Culturally Proficient Workplace






Tim Hodges, PhD, Director of Research, Gallup Education, Allston, MA 
Strengths Based Leadership


Matthew Farber, Ed.D., Teacher and Author, Denville, NJ
Moveable Game Jams: Students Designing Games


Kyle Wagner, Founder & Lead Consultant, Transform Educational Consultancy, San Diego, CA  
Master Project-Based Learning in 5 Simple Steps 


Aaren McKinney, Client Associate/Performance Consultant, Dale Carnegie, San Diego, CA
How to Motivate, Inform & Inspire Your Team through Storytelling 


2016 Master Classes

Father Greg Boyle
Barking to the Choir: Now Entering the Kinship of Heaven 


Ray Trinidad
Getting "In" With Discipline

 Ray Trinidad-circle                                                               

Monica Burns
Program Transformation: Rethinking Scannables: Deeper Learning with QR Codes & Augmented Reality 


Suzie Boss
Leading for Student Engagement: How to Plan and Sustain Effective Project-Based Learning Initiatives


2015 Master Classes 

Roberto Rivera
Hip-Hop(e): The Art and Science of Engaging Youth with Social and Emotional Learning Using Hip-Hop Culture


Ray Trinidad
Getting "In" With Discipline

 Ray Trinidad

Matthew Farber
Inside the "Magic Circle" of Gamification and Game-Based Learning

Matt Farber photo

Suzie Boss
PBL in Out-of-School Time: Strategies for Deeper Engagement, Authentic Learning

Suzie Boss

Erin Sharaf
Using Mindfulness to Transform Self and Students

Erin Sharaf Photo

2014 Master Classes

John Hunter
Teaching with Open Space

John Hunter Picture

Jack Andraka
Tapping Into the Hidden Innovator

Jack Andraka - Twitter Chat

Roberto Rivera
Hip-Hop(e) - Providing Hope & Motivation for Adolescent Youth


Alex Kajitani
Why Race Matters & How to Talk About It




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