Wednesday, April 19

The Professional Readiness Institute for Management and Education: Investing In Your Organization by Investing In Your Staff

LAUSD is committed to developing and promoting emerging professionals eager to make an impact in education and youth development.  LAUSD recognizes its role as a leader in Expanded Learning by creating a learning community that “dives deep” on Proven Program Practices, Management Techniques, and other Trending Educational Strategies. The Quality Standards, Growth Mindset, the LIAS Principles, and Why In What We Do are just a few of the contemporary topics that are explored by the 50 management staff selected to participate in this yearlong institute.  Meet with the trainers, mentors and participants to discuss the benefits, growth and advantages of being member of the PRIME Team.


“Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

Kids may come for the sizzle, but they stay for the steak! Although marketing and recruiting kids are necessary, earning their trust and commitment is the true accomplishment.   In this session, you will learn how to increase student attendance and higher dosage through innovative program design and implementation.  Come join the Beyond the Bell Los Angeles family for a fun and meaningful experience! 

Thursday, April 20

VISIONIZERS: Mentors For Positive Change

Come get inspired to inspire others!  Let us help you break out of the “box” of routine by making lasting and positive differences in the lives of children through mentorship.  Learn key strategies and action steps for developing meaningful relationships with students through VISIONIZERS mentorship.  Give students a sense of hope and foresight to “visionize” a successful future.  Meet and greet the Los Angeles Unified School District/Beyond the Bell team members who may have a “box” for you.  Exchange it in the session for a new “box” of inspiration!


“Quality Is Not an Act. It is a Habit”   

Discover how Beyond the Bell incorporates the Quality Standards of Expanding Learning in California and utilizes them to assess programming at grant-funded sites. Sample the hands-on approach of the Los Angeles Unified School District observation tool for measuring quality at our sites regularly. In addition, gain insight on how to coach front line staff to engage in crucial conversations focused on continual quality improvement.


LAUSD’s 21st Century Readiness Through the LIAS Principles

Are your sites struggling to implement the LIAS Principle in Expanded Learning at your sites? Are your programs giving young people the skills to assist them in the 21st Century? Our interactive workshop will help you understand the LIAS Principles, provide you with resources to apply them, and share program insights to help our kids thrive and learn! 


Building Community Not Disunity

Are there children in your program who feel ignored? Anonymous?  Bullied? Create an environment in your program that prevents kids from feeling isolated and afraid.  Join our hands-on, interactive approach to building community in your program.  Learn different activities that will help validate your students and develop stronger connections with their leaders, school and neighborhood. Community building is an effective and proactive tool to help students belong and feel empowered.  By addressing their social-emotional needs, our students can become more resilient and successful adults.  Let us assist you in creating the village that will help you raise your children.


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