We request workshop proposals that support and highlight trends, innovative research, and promising practices to support quality out-of-school time programs. 


The deadline to submit a workshop proposal is October 31, 2018. Any proposals submitted after this date will go on a waiting list. To submit a proposal, click here and click on the blue button to start the application process.

Below is a list of activities/services/support and programs out-of-school time educators provide or partner with to support the children, youth, families, and communities they serve.  

21st Century Learning
Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Prevention Programs
Arts & Culture
Before & After School Programs
Blended Learning
Character Education
Charter Schools
Child Advocates
Community-Based Organizations
Community Empowerment & Justice
Community Schools
Curriculum & Academic Support Programs
Education Technology
Faith-Based Organizations
Family Support Services
Foster Youth
Gang & Violence Prevention
Gender & Culturally Responsive Programs
Global Learning
Grantors & Donors
Health Care
Healthy Behaviors
Higher Education
Homeless & Runaway Youth
Jobs, Internships & Career Programs
Juvenile Diversion
Law Enforcement

and more!

Local Business
Mental Health Practitioners
Mentoring Programs
Military Programs
Organized Sports Leagues
OST Intermediary & City-Wide Systems
Parent & Teacher Organizations
Parents and Guardians
Parks & Recreation
Philanthropic Foundations
Project-Based Learning
ROP - Regional Occupational Programs
Safe Schools
School Administration
School Age Care & Child Care Programs
School Boards
School Counselors
Service Learning and Volunteer Programs
Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
Social Workers
Special Education
Summer Programs
Youth-Led Participatory Action Research

Click here to view our Workshop Themes.

We support educators that serve in the following job role(s) and responsibilities: 

Upper-level Administration (e.g., manage an organization, manage a budget, fundraise, and/or work with a governing board) 

Mid-level Administration (e.g., manage/ direct one or more program sites) 

Capacity Building (e.g., provide professional development, provide technical assistance, monitor programs, evaluate programs, and/or conduct research) 

Direct Service (e.g., work directly with children/youth)

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